The Errorists - 1 Paracultural Arc - 1/4 section in marble

THE ERRORISTS are producing an installation that traverses a theory of biological history
and the elaboration of infrastructure. The installation is
a series of performances with marble, steel, voice and cello
and can also reside in a large accessible space as a narrative formation.
This latter form takes the viewer through a resolution amplification.
Spiraling inward, the installation builds complexity in manageable syntactical progression.
First building-blocks, our alphabets: basic research texts and musical scales.
Upward to motifs: equational and relational Names, through to poetry and sound Phrases.
Onward to porcelain and water-color diagrammatic visualizations- each traversed by a song.
Out through a color-coded marble and steel passage way, which leads the viewer to a vantage point
extending out into a vast oil painting of an extropic future universe
and the enveloping composition of its voices.

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