The Errorists - faith in infrastructure - sculpture
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1) Intro Adagio **
Is a Brechtian turn-out of the artists to the audience. It seeks to convey a vibe sculpture of intense commitment with an equal dose of self-irreverence and awareness. In a bragadocious hip-hop style, the overture introduces Filletville: the model of life in time, which the other songs investigate in greater depth.
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2) Gaia Made It Popular **
Examines the cross-cut of the model, which shows the nested scales of biological economy operating in the worm of life. Unified voice, cello, and bass careen through a range of styles from Punk to Psychedelic 70’s. In the fillet-cut of the model we see the dance of life across historical time- interpreted by a cello solo- dancing in the lack-of-life simplicity.
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3) Future Gamers
Swoops over the present bridge-formation of human civilization in time. The musical landscape changes drastically; a Dylanesque mass of folk strings and characters crumples into a pizzicato solo to emerge dry on the bottom of the world. Here the compressive force of the bridge hammers the foundational earth economies “…and she sings ‘If you fuck with me…’ ”
Necessity and Convenience soothe her with a future vision of the modernist materialism: an infrastructure trellis supporting life on earth.
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4) Les Enfants Du Globo **
The Choirmeister of every human cell arrives from Queens N.Y.C., and begins to comment on the phenomenon of economic bubbles in light of the historical experience of cell cultures. Drum and voice passages imagine a transitional future of world subway systems, while cello and bass solos evoke the massy gathered clouds of the present. The chorus shrieks the electricity storm of deluge and guantanamo. At it’s end, a monophonic voice and painterly grey cello name a new relationship between individual and humanity: The relative mind of an individual lifetime, and the ancient and universal body.
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5) Super Cellularity
A duet between the mind and the body discusses the terms of a conditional surrender. A conditional surrender to a global design competition: To translate the requirements of the human body into a garden of global infrastructure economies. To build a trellis that can support an oceanic experience for all humanity’s bodies and fiercely protect the individual mind.
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Delightfully Unfacistic On The Inside
A stroppy and atmospheric leap from the present into the future. It turns the trope of ‘opening up the market’ back on to itself. It sings the multiplicity of transnational systems that should bear the designation ‘economy’. The chorus of the cells sings the perfection of the organs. It calls on the Paracultural momentum across cultures, to name a fruiting structural endpoint, and to turn momentum into a trajectory towards it.

** feat. Michael Paucker on Upright Bass
and Marcel Millot on Drums
* feat. Marcel Milot on Drums

Full Album (40MB .zip)

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